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Types of Laundry Baskets: Which One to Choose

Before going into the wash, dirty clothes need to be stored somewhere. And it is important not only to find a suitable container, but also to place it in the right place. For example, it is convenient to keep a laundry basket in the bathroom and immediately put worn items there. In addition, often there is a washing machine in the bathroom, which means you don’t have to carry laundry back and forth. Which model should you choose and where should you install it?

There are different types of laundry baskets for the bathroom from SONGMICS: narrow, round, on wheels, as part of a storage system.

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The classic model of a laundry basket is freestanding. The container can be of any shape: round, square, rectangular.

If you’re tired of lugging a heavy laundry basket between the living areas of your home and the washing machine, consider purchasing a roller laundry cart. This type of basket is inexpensive and can make the laundry process much easier.


There are also more complex options: for example, a closet with a laundry basket in the bathroom. And the container is not just placed on a shelf, but built into a storage system.

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In small apartments there is often no extra space at all, especially in a tiny bathroom. In such cases, the best solution is to use vertical surfaces as much as possible. Small amounts of dirty laundry can be stored in compact hanging baskets or canvas bags. They are simply hung on a hook, which in turn is attached to a wall or, for example, a door.

Of course, only you can choose the option that best suits your interior and convenience, but do not forget to pay attention to the materials from which the product is made.